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1st Cycle Programs (extinguish)


- 7202 Creation and management

- 7242 Environmental management

- 7270 Organization and management I

- 7271 Organization and management II

- 7279 Internships


- 6903 Management and public administration


- 9635 Economics and food management (*)

- 9651 Quality management (*)


- 9537 Information system of human resources

- 9538 Strategic management of human resources

- 9539 Developing and managing new business projects

- 9567-Organization and methods of work I

- 9568-Organization and methods of work II

- 9569 Management and human resources management I

- 9570 Management and human resources management II

- 9578 Practical integrated I

- 9579 Practical integrated II


- 8353 Organization and management of tourist enterprises

- 8367 Operations and production processes

- 8374 Management and staff management

- 8381 Management of quality in tourism enterprises

- 8383 In tourist enterprises strategic management



(*) Subjects without teaching academic course, 2009 / 2010.


Instructions for printing the program of a course:

Click on the desired course to open its tab.

Select the academic year that corresponds to using the drop-down that appears in the top right.

Within the subject tab you can consult and/or print the required information through the upper lashes (General data, data registration, schedule and groups, objectives and program, etc...)

If you need the seal program of the course available personally in our Secretary, in opening hours to the public, or well written, through the address of the Department:, providing us with the following information:

-Code and name of the subject.

-The degree to which it belongs.

-Corresponding academic year.

-Data of the person (name and surname, address, postcode, population, province, phone and mail contact)


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